Our mission is to inspire Stanford students to become entrepreneurial leaders and innovative thinkers on-campus and beyond.

Executive Team


ABOUT ANDREW: Andrew is a junior studying Political Science and East Asian Languages and Cultures with a Chinese focus. He is passionate about applying new technologies to innovate existing industries. Andrew is fascinated by the startup scene in China and is particularly interested in how entrepreneurship can help governments innovate. In addition to entrepreneurship, Andrew enjoys learning new languages (he speaks both Chinese and French) and traveling. One day, Andrew hopes to take what he has learned working at both large and small companies to create his own startup. 

ANDREW'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Pioneering BASES' focus on global entrepreneurship and growing our online news platform into a physical conference with attendees from around the world!

Andrew Blum

ABOUT SABINA: Sabina is a junior studying Symbolic Systems and Human Rights. An entrepreneur since high school, she has gained experience being on the other side of the pitch as a research analyst at the World Innovation Lab and the '17-18 Director of the BASES $100K Startup Challenge. She is passionate about leveraging technology to increase access to justice and has worked on developing projects to connect underserved individuals to legal services in Stanford Law School's Legal Design Lab.

SABINA'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Witnessing a BASES freshman, competing in the BASES $100K Challenge for their first time, win the runner-up $15K prize for her Social Impact enterprise. It was incredible to see that—with a certain degree of luck, opportunity, and the right mentors—anyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur.


Vasundhara Singh
VP Business Development

ABOUT DAVID: David Ohta is a senior studying English and Economics. Coming from a background in finance and education, he is interested in entrepreneurship's ability to innovate and expand access to under-resourced populations. He has worked as a private equity analyst at Colony Capital and as an operations intern at CareerVillage.org. This past summer, David worked as a finance fellow at KIPP LA Schools. In addition to his role with BASES, he writes for Simple Innovative Change, a blog working to connect the fintech ecosystem through open discussion and collaboration.

DAVID'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Revamping BASES' financial reporting for quarterly board meetings and having the opportunity to work with the judges and winners of the $100K Startup Challenge!

David Ohta
VP Finance

ABOUT GRACE: Grace is a sophomore studying Neuroscience and Computer Science. Grace started her own company, Little G Ice Cream Co, when she was 16 years old and bootstrapped it to a multi-million dollar brand with nationwide distribution. Her story has been featured in People Magazine, NBC Nightly News, Teen Vogue, and over a dozen other media publications. This past summer, she worked with two venture capital firms: Human Ventures and Paladin Ventures.

GRACE'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Being a Frosh Battalion member and having the chance—my first quarter at Stanford—to visit top VC firms, chat with successful BASES alumni, and make trips to startups' offices in San Francsico.

Grace Connor
Co-VP Growth

ABOUT HAYDEN: Hayden is a senior studying Computer Science. He is interested in cryptography and aspires to put the whole world on the blockchain. Hayden also has a passion for expanding computer science education to rural communities throughout the country. Hayden has spent the last two summers interning at Dell Technologies in Austin, TX and has enjoyed exploring the startup scene in central Texas.

HAYDEN'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Having the chance to work with Frosh Battalion members and watch them cohere into a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs.

Hayden Little
VP Operations

ABOUT BARRETT: Barrett is a senior double majoring in Economics and Political Science. Academically, he is interested in the intersection of economics, corruption, terrorism, and autocratic forms of government. Outside the classroom, he is involved in East Palo Tennis and Tutoring and the Political Science Peer Advisor program. During his summers, he has worked at Ringleader Ventures, SpotHero, and FFL Partners.

BARRETT'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Directing the Social Impact Case Competition in fall 2017.

Barrett Medvec
Co-VP Social Impact

ABOUT TYLER: Tyler is a senior studying Bioengineering. He is interested in the interplay of biotechnology, computer science and healthcare needs, and hopes to develop novel tools to improve medical treatments. He is currently pursuing a senior thesis in Bioengineering, developing optogenetic molecules to control protein localization in vivo to create new lines of investigation to optogenetic control of protein activity and cell-cell interaction. In addition to BASES, he is involved in Probe Magazine, a student run publication dedicated to discussing the intersection of biology with art and technology.

TYLER'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Working on the $100K Startup Challenge for the past two years and getting the chance to interact with fledgling start-ups and professionals from the VC industry.

Tyler Dao
Co-VP Challenge

ABOUT LUKAS: Lukas is a sophomore studying Management Science & Engineering with a minor in Symbolic Systems. In addition to an internship at SIGNA and conducting neuropsychological research at the University of Zurich, Lukas has participated in fellowship programs at both McKinsey and The Boston Consulting Group. Currently, Lukas is working on a project geared towards innovating college students’ dining experiences as well as applying machine learning techniques to sports law jurisprudence.

LUKAS' FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Leading an effort to collaborate with entrepreneurship clubs in the US and abroad. I am currently working to send a delegation of BASES members to Slush, one of the largest entrepreneurship conferences in Europe.

Lukas Haas
Co-VP Global Entrepreneurship

ABOUT RILEY: Riley is a junior studying Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Decision Making and Rationality. He is interested in the intersections of cutting edge technology, venture capital, and their metaphysical implications. He has explored these topics through positions at Mercer Foods, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, XFund, and SVB Capital. Riley co-founded TuMeke, an application that uses a machine learning model trained by certified fitness instructors to track human joints to a reasonable degree of accuracy.

RILEY'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Leading a team in marketing and business strategy for the startup Motif Technologies: a screen-sharing and screen-recording solution that integrates natively into web applications. We ultimately developed a business model for an end-to-end tutor experience.

Riley Noland
Co-VP Growth

ABOUT CARINA: Carina is a junior majoring in Mathematical and Computational Science. Growing up in both China and the US, Carina is interested in building a perspective on entrepreneurship, macroeconomics, and investing beyond borders. She has worked as an investment analyst at Danhua and a data scientist at Allume through True Venture's fellowship program. Carina is part of Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity and a VP of Chinese Entrepreneurs' Organization.

CARINA'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Having the opportunity to rejuvenate the BASES Frosh Battalion Program and bring value to younger peers.

Carina Zhang
VP Project Development

ABOUT NIKKI: Nikki Kang is a senior majoring in Computer Science in the Information track. Nikki has explored her passions for entrepreneurship and technology through software engineering internships at companies of widely varying stages. She also runs TransplantNet, an online platform through which organ transplant recipients can easily contact the families of their organ donors with the supervision of their transplant coordinators. 

NIKKI'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Organizing the BASES holiday party during my sophomore year and getting to witness BASES members of all grades, majors, and background come together and make memories!

Nikki Kang
VP Startup Development

ABOUT RYAN: Ryan is a junior studying Biology and Spanish. He is passionate about all facets of healthcare, volunteering with Cardinal Free Clinics, working in a neuroscience research laboratory at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, as well as Cognoa, a startup aiming to accurately diagnose children with developmental disorders. Along with his responsibilities with BASES, Ryan is also an active member of the campus dance community with Common Origins and enjoys taking workshops throughout the Bay Area.

RYAN'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Spending months planning the $100K Startup Challenge and having the incredibly gratifying experience of speaking with judges at Challenge Finale who made a point to compliment the efficient and effective candidate screening process.

Ryan Hsieh
Co-VP Challenge

ABOUT VIBHAV: Vibhav is a junior studying History, Psychology, and Politics. He has a wide range of interests: history, policy, journalism, and the intersection of business and politics. Vibhav has worked as a reporter at The Indian Express and an editor at The Stanford Daily, publishing original research on topics ranging from Indian civil liberties to Indian maritime history in various magazines. He has also worked at Deloitte in India, assisting companies entering Indian energy markets.

VIBHAV'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Directing BASES' first-ever global entrepreneurship conference, where we hosted 50 students from all over the world, including South Korea, Canada, and Italy!

Vibhav Mariwala
Co-VP Global Entrepreneurship

ABOUT AMANDA: Amanda is a junior studying Product Design and Creative Writing. She is captivated by the intersections of entrepreneurship, healthcare, and design, and has explored these crossroads through positions at OCA Ventures, XLerateHealth, and Inari Medical—a startup pioneering novel interventional treatments of vascular thrombi and emboli. Most recently, Amanda worked as an intern with MATTER, an innovative healthcare startup incubator and co-working space.

AMANDA'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Designing the BASES new member recruitment process for fall and spring 2018, and getting the chance to meet so many Stanford students passionate about different facets of entrepreneurship!

Amanda Tu
VP Marketing

ABOUT KATHERINE: Katherine is a senior studying Computer Science with a concentration in Biocomputation. Passionate about social change driven by the for-profit sector, she's interned at the Center for Social Innovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Conscious Capitalism division of the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship. Outside of BASES, she can be found running the annual gala for she++, a nonprofit advocating for diversity within the technology sphere, and building class community with the Student Alumni Council.

KATHERINE'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Organizing and attending an intimate lunch with the executive team of the Emerson Collective. It's when I first began to think about what innovation within social impact really meant, and understood the importance of philanthropic accountability.

Katherine Erdman
Co-VP Social Impact

ABOUT KOBY: Koby is a sophomore studying Computer Science in the Systems track. After his freshman year, Koby worked for the medical device company Nevro, where he implemented a prototype for a mobile application to control a pain relief medical device. This past summer, Koby worked at Visa on the mobile payments team. Koby is also the president of the Hong Kong Student Association and works to spread awareness of Cantonese culture at Stanford.

KOBY'S FAVORITE BASES PROJECT: Leading the effort to redesign the backend framework for BASES' custom metrics and attendance tracker application.

Koby Chan
VP Technology



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