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CNECT Conference: Redefining Boundaries (April 13-14, 2018)

The CNECT Conference is a 2-day immersion in Global Entrepreneurship hosted at Stanford University. Seasoned entrepreneurs, including the CEO of Evernote, VP of Engineering at Google, and Co-Founder of Ulu Ventures, will join the most passionate student entrepreneurs from around the globe to discuss and deconstruct different entrepreneurial ecosystems. 


Modeled after how startups refine ideas, our programs

are split into three main groups: Inspire, Create, Launch

We are the main vehicle for student-led entrepreneurship programming on Stanford’s campus, with the goal of bringing students from ideas to implementation to the launch of a startup. Through events with thought leaders and industry partners, we hope to inspire any student, with or without previous experience, to gain the skills to become an entrepreneur.

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💡 Inspire

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Class

Attended by approximately 450 students in-person and thousands of more online, ETL is a weekly speaker series that brings in successful entrepreneurs to give a lecture on a topic of their choice. The leadership team behind the class strives impart impactful advice and life lessons to the greater community. More information at


Women in Entrepreneurship Summit

The Women in Entrepreneurship Summit is an afternoon-long presentation and workshop event during which speakers come and give talks about the experience of being a women in entrepreneurship, the difficulty women face in the workplace and in society, and many other thought-provoking topics. The event is open to students of all genders. The Summit seeks to instill knowledge and confidence in the students to be able to make an impact in the community


Social Impact Summit

The Social Impact Summit takes the key tenants behind entrepreneurship, and uses them as a method to lead to social impact.  The Summit features keynote speeches by CEOs of nonprofits and other social entrepreneurs.


Lessons in Life

Lessons in Life (LIL) are small lunches hosted every quarter between a sponsor and an intimate group of students. The focus of LIL is placed on the guest speaker's life story, rather than his/her company. The series has experienced tremendous success over the past two years as students engage authentically with professionals in the local community.


Startup Career Fair

Attended by over 1000 Stanford students, the Startup Career Fair is an incredible opportunity for students to network and companies to find technical talent.  The BASES Startup Career Fair is attended by businesses both large and small, startup and established.  Their only similarity is that they are looking for dedicated and bright students, both for summer programs and full-time jobs.


Treks: Bus/Weekend Treks

Treks faciliates day trips to companies/events in the Bay Area.  Past trips include Oculus, Dropbox, and Disrupt SF. BASES Bus provides insight into how a particular industry approaches innovation by taking students on-site, so they can see how their workplaces facilitate transformational ideas.


🔨 Create

Startup Collab

Startup Collab works in partnership with prominent startups in the Bay Area to find some of the most interesting technical challenges they're facing, and let Stanford students take a crack at a solution.

Product Bootcamp

Product Bootcamp is a series of technical and business workshops that will support students as they design and build a technical product from ground up.  Bootcamp strives to impact relevant techniques and philosophies behind developing successful products and businesses.

Consulting Case Competitions

Over the course of the consulting case competitions, students will work on the case alongside a mentor from one of our partner companies. After delivering the case, there's an awards ceremony and networking session where participants can interface with the professionals that actually prepared the original brief.

Business Hackathon

The BASES Business Hackaton is Stanford's first non-technical hackathon. While students are still encouraged to design an MVC, the focus of the hackathon is on students' marketing and business plans for their product.


🚀 Launch


BASES Challenge

Challenge is a startup competition for startups at all stages that tries to find the most viable startup, offering $100,000 in prize money.  The competition attracts over 200 companies a year, who are judged by a talented team of industry experts.  Past winners include Ravel, Boosted, and Biomimedica.


Frosh Battalion

The Frosh Battalion program identifies outstanding Stanford freshmen to participate in an entrepreneurship immersion program.  BASES is proud to help its Frosh Battalion members start their professional experience from their first quarters at Stanford.


Professional Development

The BASES Professional Development program is a creative approach to advancing members' workplace skills.  In a series of intimate workshops, they're given detailed instruction in how to write a great resume, networking tips, and much more.  Both industry partners and faculty members aid in imparting meaningful professional advice and wisdom to the participants.


Mentorship + Alumni Relations

We connect the larger BASES community to mentors and alumni around the country that can help members refine their product ideas and business plans, all while creating a valuable personal network.




an intro to silicon valley

Come join some of the leading entrepreneurs for a two-day conference at Stanford University hosted entirely by BASES! You will be surrounded by industry leaders, top venture capitalists, startup founders, and students from across the globe!


Build yourself, then build the world. As a core officer on BASES, you will have the opportunity to network with with the entrepreneurship community at Stanford and beyond, plan high-impact events ranging from our Women in Entrepreneurship Summit to non-technical Hackathons and Treks to diverse startups around the country, and develop professional skills. Happiness grants, BASES families, and cross-team exchanges will help you meet our 80+ amazing members. We love our BASES family!