E-Bootcamp was an intensive international conference held annually at Stanford University for intelligent, creative and scrappy student entrepreneurs. The goal of the conference is to educate participants by providing them with insider information from Silicon Valley stalwarts, empower participants by giving them invaluable skills to become a better entrepreneur, and connect participants by forming lasting relationships with other participants and mentors.

The typical E-Bootcamp lineup included a startup tour, pitching and improv workshops, marketing initiatives, specialized panels, and mentoring sessions with all-star sponsors and partners. Participants had have the opportunity to present their products in a competitive environment through a product showcase and pitch competition, attended by investors and Silicon Valley executives.

BASES is discontinuing the E-Bootcamp program to refocus our efforts on creating programs that promote and benefit the students in our community. This aligns with BASES' mission to promote the next generation of entrepreneurs, starting with our members and extending to the wider Stanford and entrepreneurial community. There are still many opportunities for the larger community outside Stanford to participate in BASES events, such as Hackspace and the Challenge competition.

2013-14 Past Event Information

E-Bootcamp 2013-14 took place during April 17-20 2014.

In order to be eligible, all applicants must be students who are currently enrolled in a university, at any degree level. Both international and US students are considered. Applicants must demonstrate a passion for entrepreneurship, as well as the creativity and perseverance necessary to prevail despite roadblocks or failures.

The ideal bootcamper is as brilliant as they are ambitious, as crafty as they are competitive, and as creative as they are passionate. Applicants are evaluated on their ability to contribute to the vibrant E-Bootcamp community.

E-Bootcamp is free of charge to all participants once they arrive on campus. However, participants are responsible for transportation costs to and from Stanford. If this presents a significant burden, we offer limited financial aid.

Public Events

Innovation Expo & Mixer

Saturday, April 19th
4:00 PM - 7:15 PM

We’ll kick off the night with a product showcase, which will segue into a relaxed mixer as the evening progresses. VCs, E-Bootcamp speakers, and Silicon Valley executives are invited to attend and check out the showcased posters and prototypes, making this an invaluable opportunity for participants to drum up interest from the startup community they hope to enter.

Final Pitch & Closing Keynotes

Sunday, April 20th
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Mackenzie Room, Huang Building

Come watch E-Bootcampers compete in the final pitch competition in front of notable Silicon Valley judges, and hear keynotes from top entrepreneurs!

Previous Events


Lasting between 60-90 minutes, each workshop will be held in groups of 10 and led by Silicon Valley leaders. Bootcampers will have the full session to collaborate and receive feedback from leaders in their field. These small workshops will aggressively test startup viability and platform, focusing on:

  • Product Development
  • Business Plans
  • Pitching
  • Improvisation
  • Design

Panels include 4-6 experts involved in various aspects of the start-up experience. General topics will be covered by VC’s, CEO’s and law firms in 60-90 minute sessions.


Guest speakers from Silicon Valley will give 1 hour keynote lectures to offer inspiration and advice to all E-Bootcamp participants. Often remembered as the weekend highlight, keynote speakers are carefully selected on their ability to embody the message of E-bootcamp, and impress a sense of urgency upon our entrepreneurs to continue dreaming, molding, and evolving their ideas.

Speaker Rounds

Designed to highlight the failures, obstacles, and amazing successes experienced by prolific entrepreneurs across the nation, each speaker round gives E-Bootcampers the opportunity to hear the personal stories behind the face of “entrepreneurship.”

Startup Tour

During their time in Silicon Valley, Bootcampers will have the opportunity to tour some of the most influential companies in Silicon Valley, known around the world. Additionally, Bootcampers will also be able to visit, engage, and learn from developing start-ups in the area. All transportation will be provided and covered by the conference.


After three days of extensive workshops, E-Bootcamp culminates into a competition in which E-Bootcampers pitch their ideas to a panel of executive judges, filled with the biggest names in Silicon Valley. Each team gets the opportunity to put into perspective all they have learned from the E-bootcamp over the previous three days, and convince the judges to potentially ‘invest’ in their company.

The pitching competition is a great way to test the real life viability of the bootcampers’ ideas and its potential to grow into a company. The winners of the competition get direct entry into a startup incubator over the summer and the incredible advantage to turn their ideas into reality.

Past Speakers

Past speakers have included

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